Montag, 2. Januar 2017

Über die Kiefer

Ich habe vor einiger Zeit mal wieder ein Video gedreht - dieses mal über die Kiefer. Allerdings ist es in Deutsch. Darum findet Ihr weiter unten eine englische Zusammenfassung.
Und nun viel Spaß....
Hi there and merry Yule!
This video is in my mother tongue but as I know about the non-German speakers among my followers I wrote a little summary in English.
Pines (Pinus Sylvestris) belong to the fauna in areas with moderate climate all over the world. Even rocky ground does not harm pines. Only mandatory is sunlight. This is why pines are also called light trees.
Pine resin has antiseptic effect and is predestinated to prepare cough balm. You can also burn incense the resin, in this case it has a protective and cleaning effect. You can use it literally for everything that requires light like depression, bad mood or to clean your house after a fight.
Pine apples (as long as they are closed) have a phallic shape and therefore pines are also known for fertile effects. This is not just limited to the libido of humans or pets but also for the grounds to have a better harvest. And it can be used for money magic.
If you have any questions, want more details or are just interested in a little chat just leave me a comment or send a PM.



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